Manage knowledge your way

Design your knowledge management solution

Altarika Core is a software library combining a document-oriented database and a feature-rich search engine: no need to configure independent and heterogeneous components. Such a tight integration also brings unrivaled information retrieval performance.

Within our products or available for your solution, Altarika Core features are a great asset to manage knowledge your way.


As a document-oriented database, Altarika Core is powerful, horizontally scalable and future-proof.

Semantic search

Thesaurus support brings typing suggestion, faceted browsing and topic search for more efficiency and creativity.


Import or export your data from or to any database thanks to the support of the JSON and CSV standards.

Unmatched performance

The tight integration between database and search engine allows for a unique and optimal implementation of the index and search algorithms.


Written in ANSI-C, Altarika Core is available for almost any operating system from iOS to Windows Server or Linux.

Both-ways scalable

From a few MB memory footprint to suit embedded systems to several GB in an array of load balanced servers, a single tool covers any situation.


Altarika Core supports synchronization strategies with other instances running on different environments or external databases.


To quickly build your custom solution, rely on many building blocks. A comprehensive query language is also available.