What can we do for you?

The freedom of choice

Quite often, the business model behind a software is presented as one of its major features. Proprietary or free? For us, this choice is of secondary importance. What matters is to keep alternatives, to always be ready for tomorrows’ unpredicted changes. To be trapped in a technology, even a free one, is never a pleasant situation.

This freedom of choice is what we want you to experience. We want you to choose our solutions and to keep doing so for good reasons, like standards compatibility and open interfaces…

Find the very tools you need


Manage as many documents as you want, stored in as many databases as you need. A perfect match for today’s Big Data challenges.

You do not know how big your databases will get. You want a solution that does not care. As with free software, our pricing imposes no arbitrary restrictions on your data. You can concentrate on its quality.

SaaS or on-premises

Our range of products can be deployed in your premises according to your requirements. We can help you design the right architecture for security or availability targets. We can also host the chosen solution if this scenario better suits your needs. It is your data and it shall stay so.


Your organization is growing? You want to keep cost under control? With a clear per user licensing model, our solution is just as scalable as your business. For large organizations or Internet broadcasting, a per-node licensing is also available.

Take part in our products

We want you! To help us build better products.

We know our greatest asset is you. From our core technologies to the latest high-level functionality released, we want you to get the very solution you need. Listening to your feedback is the best method we found to head our developments in the right direction. Our roadmap voting system is born from that idea. We love considering yours. You definitely have the right to tell us what to do. We pride ourselves at being a democracy.

Of course, we will take care of everything else.

With offices in Tokyo and Paris, we can provide 24h/24 support, on-site installation and training services. If you want to become a distributor, feel free to contact us!

Custom workshop:
Searching for something special?

Need a database backup from your legacy system? A specific import filter or a dedicated interface? A custom solution to match your workflow? Our range of services also include websites and applications design for desktop, mobile environments or smart devices. We are just a call away!