Altarika Server

Build knowledge together

Create a collaborative knowledge database

Altarika Server is a document-oriented database management web portal. Gathering knowledge has never been so easy.

Thesaurus support

Your data has a meaning and a structure. You capture it with your own thesaurus or rely on an extract of Wikipedia’s. Beyond full-text queries, benefit from faceted and topic searches. Explore and discover while finding what you were searching for.

Future proof

Everyone views things from a different perspective. A document-oriented database allows to define the most appropriate structure for your knowledge field. You define the way your data is stored and presented. You can even change your mind later.

User-friendly web interface

The web interface is ergonomic and intuitive. Its HTML5 responsive-design suits any device. No installation is required to start building a knowledge database. Moreover, all contributors always have access to the same version.


Knowledge is power. Your content is yours and stays so. Your processes, your rules, your audiences: you are free to manage your knowledge your way. For the finest control, authorize access per user, per document and per field.


Import or export data easily thanks to the standard interfaces. Documents can be exchanged using common formats like JSON or CSV files. The same goes for thesauri.


Share your knowledge easily. Integration with the other Altarika products allows one-click exports to a website or smart devices. Knowledge reaches its audience anywhere.