Get to know us

Defying established practice may come from our French roots. Perhaps showing great respect towards our customers is the Japanese side of the company. More simply, sharing knowledge is just the way we always dreamt of working.

Romary Dupuis - CEO and Lead developer
For more than 12 years, Romary has been pushing new ideas to the Telecommunication Industry. In the early 2000s, he contributed to the first mobile payment solutions. Moving to Japan, he went on with robotics, home automation and 3DTV. Tackling these challenges taught him a lot, especially the value of knowledge when being creative. Altarika is the tool he would have loved to rely on.

Anthony Heng - Chief Operating Officer
As a telecom project, team and business manager, an entrepreneur and most of all, a passionate engineer, Anthony fitted the job like no other. Meeting Romary years ago, they both felt they shared the same true-to-yourself attitude toward work. Now this no-compromise approach is put into practice.

Julien Lemale - Senior web developer
From governmental institutions to independent artists, including telecom operators, customers of all sizes have benefited from his services. With almost ten years of development under his belt, Julien is today the man behind our human-machine interfaces. Both pragmatic and can-do minded, he masters the numerous technologies of his trusted software toolbox.