Knowledge for everyone


Knowledge is mankind’s greatest asset. Providing means to build, share and keep it safe is Altarika’s mission.

Building knowledge together

As everyone knows something, our collective knowledge is invaluable. Bringing it all together is a key to progress. Whatever the problem, a solution will be easier to find together. It may already exist somewhere waiting to be found…

Share and encourage discoveries

Knowledge benefits from being shared as widely as possible. The web is such a great tool for the job. Coupled with semantic search, everyone naturally finds what he was searching for, and so much more. Discoveries are an essential vector of creativity. And creativity brings more discoveries.

Keep data safe and available

Many so-called “free” services make money from their knowledge of their users. Data collected is valuable for marketers and advertisers. However, certain pieces of information are private and shall stay so. What if carrying them with you was still the best way to keep control? Smart devices should also allow to be free from any network.